Frequently Asked Questions
What is MintReward?
It's a reward app where user can make pocket money while having fun by playing mini games and completing small tasks.
How do I get free credits?
Simply click on the get reward button after login that shows at the bottom center of app home window.
What will I get after purchase?
You'll get app source code and backend script in a single zip file with instructions documentation.
I'm having problem at some point.
Feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket or contact us by Skype:
How to get cash reward?
Game winner will get cash reward from these games: Scratcher, Lotto
I want to check how it looks to get cash as a winner
Create a support ticket or contact us by email. We will set you winner for next round by our demo backend.
I am not getting any points in lotto game, why?
If your ticket added to the system for next draw then check after the end of the day. Note that, you must check by next day otherwise your claim will expire after the next day.
I do not see any way to change F.A.Q. in my source code.
This is in your backend. Click on Customer Support then in FAQ management tab you will find them all.
Do you offer any customization service?
Yes we do, contact us with your sample. Payment option has to be Neteller or Cryptocurrency because you know developer’s hard work cannot be reverted.